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?  Project Development Consulting

Noah's Ark has always been known for its "high quality, low cost, and environmentally friendly" in the field of floating photovoltaic power plants. It is based on honesty, professionalism, and strength as the guarantee. Its business scope covers solution design, R&D and manufacturing, equipment installation, after-sales service.

?  Prospecting and Evaluation

In order to assess the on-site situation of the project, special site surveys are carried out according to the needs, targeted design and suggestions are made for the project, and the meteorological and hydrological information of the project location are collected in order to plan a reasonable design and construction scheme.

?  Design Calculation

Based on the survey results, project location environmental conditions, and the power station design service life, finite element analysis software ANSYSY and three-dimensional structure design software solidworks are used to optimize the product structure and make the product reach the optimal mechanical performance.

In order to customize a suitable floating system solution, it is necessary to rationally optimize the buoyancy, wall thickness, strengthen ribs, water channel, anti-slip pattern, etc. of the product. At the same time, the layout of the floating arrays must be combined with the requirements of architectural aesthetics and electrical design. Carry out optimization to ensure that the structure of the floating power station is stable and beautiful.

According to the project's geological survey report, hydrological and meteorological information, the coupling analysis of wind, wave and current, and the calculation of the anchoring system, the optimal number and shape of anchor blocks are designed. The steel cables and anchoring connectors are combined to ensure that the floating array can adapt to changes in water level without displacement and collision of array.